Most people need some sort of accountability to stick to a fat loss plan, simply because it can be very difficult to stay motivated when temptation is everywhere. Your friends and family don’t always support your journey or attempts at being healthier, they might even use words like “obsessed” and say “you’re no fun anymore” which can be very isolating and lonely, making you want to revert to old habits, trust me, I’ve been there!

For these reasons, staying accountable is critical to success and some suggestions on how to do this are as follows;

Get yourself a coach! A coach will not only give you tough love, but will encourage and push you when you need it most. They will remind you why you started and make changes to your program when and where it’s needed.

A slightly more affordable option for some may be online coaching or buying a program online from a professional and carrying it through yourself, and with many online coaches taking measurements and photos each week and ‘checking in’ on a weekly basis for the coach to oversee your progress and make changes if and when necessary.

Download an app such as My Fitness Pal and log in your exercise and food diary, many people can be surprised at how many calories they are actually consuming daily even though they consider the foods ‘healthy’.

Buy a Fitbit and use it to check your daily steps and calories burned. These can also be linked to my fitness pal app so it’s easier than ever to see whether your energy out is more than your energy in!

Make a list for the end of each day I will eat no more than _______calories, I will walk _______steps and I will train in the gym for ________minutes (work around your own life so even if it’s a short 20 minute high intensity home workout before your shower in the morning rather than using a gym this is still a great goal! If you know you must look at this list before bed and tick it off this is you holding yourself accountable.

Tell your friends your goals! Tell your work colleagues or gym partners or coach I want to achieve X, Y and Z in the next month – see how much harder you work because everyone you have told now expects to see those changes!

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