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So…I’m aware calories in wine and other alcohols have been discussed before BUT, I still seem to have some clients struggle to understand the real impact of alcohol when trying to lose fat. Now, by ALL means, socialize, have a drink, go on a 3 day bender if its what floats your boat, but please don’t watch what you eat all week, train hard 3-4 times in the gym, drink all the water, eat all the salads, and then come Saturday drink alcohol without any clue what you’re consuming and then complain about lack of results!

“But I didn’t snack on rubbish or have any takeaways”. That’s great! But how much alcohol did you have between 8pm on Saturday night and 1am on Sunday morning?

I have compiled below the calorie (and carbohydrate) content of some wines and bubbles (for consistency purposes I stuck with the same brand of wine throughout and took this information from their website)

The following are per 5oz serving (just over 5 of these in 1 bottle)

Moscato – 114 calories – 10.34g carbs

Prosecco – 78 calories – 1.61g carbs

Cabernet sauvignon (red) – 74 calories – 0.7g carbs

Sangria (red) – 99 calories – 6.61g carbs

Sauvignon blanc (white) – 74 calories – 0.4g carbs

Reisling (white) – 77 calories – 1.38g carbs

The reason for my choices are basically to show the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ white wine and the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ red wine. Of this brand it clearly shows sauvignon blanc to be lightest calorie wise at 74 calories per glass and moscato (no surprise here as it is so sweet and tasty) the heaviest on calories at 114 per glass!

So if you’re a wine drinker, or have ‘one or two’ with dinner, AND are dieting towards a goal, it is worth checking what your favourite wine contains, and account for this in your weekly calorie intake. Don’t be afraid to have alcohol, but be aware a casual bottle of prosecco with your girlfriends can be between 400 and 600 calories, and I think we all know it rarely stops there!

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