Women Only

Women only online coaching group.

If you like to train with a support network plus guidance with training programs, macros, supplements and everything in between but can’t make it to my gym, then this is for you!

Have you ever been in the scenario where you have been given a diet plan, followed it for a few weeks, seen a few lbs come off and thought great! Then you get invited out for dinner, you order a glass of wine, you order the dessert, then you go home full, bloated and annoyed at yourself so you wonder whats the point?! SOUND FAMILIAR? Trust me you’re not alone!

“Being part of a group is really motivating, the girls all bounce off one another and keep each other on track.”

Member of Women Only,  2017

What do you associate “diets” with? RESTRICTION? BOREDOM? CRAVINGS? Most women do! That’s not how it has to be! My nutritional guide will help show you where you may have gone wrong in the past, how big an influence a support group can be, and that you can stay lean and fit and ENJOY A SOCIAL LIFE! My aim is to not only help you lose unwanted lbs and get healthier, but to educate you on why you’ve failed before and how to keep these results long-term.

24/7 What'sApp support
If you have any questions or concerns I am more than happy to help.
Private women only Facebook group
A group for women only, where all members have similar goals.
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Whats included

  • 4 training sessions PER WEEK
  • Weight based AND home workouts
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group for female online coaching clients
  • Nutritional guidance and information pack
  • Example meal plans
  • Weekly healthy recipes
  • Constant contact with me for any questions you may have!
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