Online Coaching

Online coaching is what I consider to be most affordable and cost-effective way that I can offer my services. As your online coach, this means I give you 100% comprehensive support, design your training program, your calories/macronutrients targets and supplementation advice all tailored to you individually.

You will receive an Online Coaching manual, as well as your personal nutrition and training plan which we review every single week making changes wherever necessary, as well as 24/7 email support, to ensure you adhere to your plan 100% and are confident in what is required from both myself and you as my client.

The online coaching manual you will receive will explain any questions you may have and leave you confident to begin, so all you do is go away each week and do it! This really takes the stress out of progressing and reaching your goals.

Before signing up you will be sent an application to ensure you are suitable and this is the best option for you. This application will include questions regarding how much training experience you have, how much time you can commit to training, what type of equipment is available to you etc. Based on this, you’ll have the most effective training plan possible.

Nutrition: The goal is to design you a diet in line with your goals but which is also realistic and maintainable around your lifestyle.

I’ll provide you calorie and macronutrient recommendations and make tweaks along the way. You’ll get a free reign (within reason) to eat what you like, providing you are meeting your daily requirements and hitting your macros.

Weekly check ins: Every week, I will get a weekly email summary report from you along with weigh ins and progress photos, so I can adjust where necessary to keep you moving forwards and ensure you’re happy. By consistently assessing weight, measurements, energy & strength levels, we’ll make changes as needed.

8 weeks
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10 weeks
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12 weeks
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