Jayne lost 15lbs and 11 inches in just 10 weeks


John has lost 12 stone so far and continues his journey with me. He is a much happier, more confident person.


Laura changed her physique in 12 weeks with some nutritional guidance and being introduced to weight training.


Lauren trained with me on the run up to her wedding day and looked amazing through consistent training and tracking her meals.


Annie trained with me for 6 short weeks and took away the knowledge to be able to continue and maintain her results.


"I’m feeling better about my health now at 45 years of age than I ever have.”


Yossaria gained 5lbs during her 12 sessions and is fitter, stronger and healthier than ever after suffering some serious health problems in the past.


“I realised being strong and healthy is more important than looking skinny."
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Yossaria BannonTim HughesJulie HallMark WilliamsonDeborah LowryRachel Crothers
Claire guided me through what I should be eating, answering any number of questions I had along the way, and did so with a smile. Throughout the 6 weeks, she pushed me to do things I never thought my body was capable of, and now I can see and feel the results. I am stronger, fitter and healthier thanks to the push Claire has given me. Despite only having trained with her for 6 weeks, she has passed an immeasurable amount of knowledge to me, and instilled in me a confidence in my ability. Although I initially began to train with the aim of better my health, the confidence Claire has given me inspired me to keep pushing myself and create new goals as I progress. I would encourage anyone who wants to take the plunge into a healthier lifestyle to get booked in with Claire – it is one of the best decisions I have made.
Yossaria Bannon
"It had been 3 or 4 years since I'd last been to any gym. The hours of endless cardio seeing no visual results had caused me to give it up. But after gaining weight and a few related health issues I knew I had to make a change. My first session with Claire really opened my eyes. The weight training and nutritional advice were things I could really get my teeth into. The incremental dietary changes and learning the proper way to train provided immediate results, with fat and weight loss, improved health and moods. Now I no longer feel that going to the gym is a chore - it's something I enjoy doing."
Tim Hughes
I initially contacted Claire after seeing pictures of myself and while I wasn’t obese, I had put on more than a few pounds and I lacked motivations to shift it myself. Training with Claire has changed my attitude to the gym and diet. I was reluctant to do any weight training for fear of bulking up. Claire has taught me the importance of weights for toning and with her nutritional advice I have seen results that I would never have achieved without her help. Her friendly manner and enthusiasm have kept me motived to continue my journey to a strong, healthier me!
Julie Hall
Claire has helped me make the gym fun again! I have been training for a few years and was finding it all very stale and boring. Claire listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a challenging workout regime resulting in my overall strength and fitness improving significantly. Her personal training sessions have been challenging, stretching my abilities whilst still maintaining a high level of fun. She is willing to share her expert knowledge and is very responsive and helpful to any questions and concerns I had. Each session was individually tailored, helping me to understand the importance of correct form. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her enthusiasm, support and energy have been key in my continued gains in the gym.
Mark Williamson
I started training with Claire because I wanted not only to lose weight and shape up but also try to start creating good habits with diet and exercise that would help me better cope with fatigue and stress. Claire has kept me motived with tailored strength training sessions, dietary advice and general tough love and I’m feeling better about my health now, at 45, than I ever have. My body shape has changed, I’ve lost weight, I feel stronger and more comfortable in my own skin but most importantly, I’m able to sleep better and manage my shift-word related stress and fatigue.
Deborah Lowry
I have been a client of Claire’s for a while now and whilst I might not be making mega gains, I am amazed at how she has managed to change my general mindset and attitude towards training and eating. I was always scared to go into the gym and pick up a weight. Now due to Claire’s influence and giving me the confidence, I can waltz into the gym and workout with the best of them. Gone are the cardio bunny days where I ate far less and hated every bit of it. Claire has taught me the right foods to eat to fuel my body whilst still enjoying a diet. Weight training is now something I look forward to and releases a lot of stress. Claire is an amazing girl and there is never a message of help/advice I send that goes unanswered. She has changed my life and taught me the importance of looking after your body. Gone are the weakling days, with Claire’s support and teaching I have become stronger both physically and mentally.
Rachel Crothers