Invest in your health

Just because you aren’t sick, it doesn’t mean you’re healthy. A lot of people wait until their body breaks before trying to fix it, instead of learning habits which will prevent illness down the line. Food is so much more than a way to fill us! It can be either our greatest medicine, or worst poison.

We find so many excuses to not eat healthy, “I don’t have time”, “I’m not motivated”, “I can’t afford healthy foods”. We make time to take a sick day before setting aside 20 minutes a day to move around and exercise. We pay for health care and pills and remedies before paying for organic healthy foods or a gym membership. Why? Shouldn’t we spend time trying to put years onto our lives so we can live it to the fullest and spend extra years with our loved ones?

Some of us need to become sick and tired of being sick and tired before taking any action and making change. Our bodies can take YEARS of abuse, bad lifestyle choices and unhealthy food and drink choices before finally giving up and starting to fail, and this is easier than ever now in a world filled with processed sugary treats, fast foods, partying trends, peer pressure and quick easy options with regards to food.

Ask yourself – how do I really feel after eating a bad meal over a good meal? How is your energy, your mood, your skin, hair and nails? Listen to your body’s feedback and when your health and happiness are a priority, you’ll WANT to feed your body clean, wholesome and nutrient rich foods as well as the odd treat.

It all comes down to how you feel about yourself, your confidence and happiness. When you’re truly happy, you’ll find it easy to swap a coke for water, the chips for some salad, a night on the sofa for a refreshing walk, and that new handbag for a gym membership. Invest in yourself now and not when it’s too late.

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