Which type of exercise?

I get asked quite a lot from women “Is cardio or weights better or both together” as well as “when and for how long and how often” I have seen many social media posts answering this particular query and credit to them all – I haven’t read anything that I think is bad advice!

Personally, my answer to the above is (bearing in mind I’m answering this question to the average person who wants to lose body fat and improve their health)

• Whatever you enjoy
• Whatever you’ll stick to and do CONSISTENTLY long term
• Whatever you have time for

Everyone’s circumstances are different and if someone told me they hated walking I would never advise them to walk every morning! Whether you enjoy swimming, walking, HIIT, yoga, the rower, weight lifting, circuit classes, a good long Sunday hike, boxing, some form of ju-jitzu, cross fit, who cares! If you are moving and being active you’re burning calories!

Personally, I love weight training and this is the core of my workouts, and I also walk every single day, sometimes a long Sunday stroll, sometimes a 20 minute march on the treadmill but believe me this isn’t because I feel I have to – I genuinely love to walk. You wouldn’t ever catch me in a Tae-bo class or a body attack class because I’d be watching the clock the whole time wanting it to end and unless I’m training in a sport where this would benefit my end goal I don’t see the point.

So you might ask me “are you going to walk every day the rest of your life? And lift weights at the same intensity the rest of your life?” My answer – I absolutely hope so! My lifestyle is exactly that – it’s my life and I don’t give it a finish line. If someone says they are going to cut carbs/sweets/chocolates and start going to gym classes twice a week “just until I lose X amount of weight” straightaway they are setting themselves up to fail.

Always train the way you enjoy it and that clears your mind and makes you feel good

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