Time is precious (part 1)

I attended a seminar a long time ago and we were asked to picture ‘your perfect day’. Everyone in the room thought about it for a few minutes. We were then asked to raise our hands if our typical day is similar to what we were just imagining. I was the only one in a room of 40 to raise  my hand…

I had only recently made a massive (and scary) change in my life – from a regular office job to the world of fitness and self employment. Here are a few things I used to do every day

  • Wake up annoyed if it wasn’t the weekend
  • Feel anxious in work
  • Watch the clock praying for 5pm to come
  • Look forward to alcohol at the weekend
  • Constantly plan holidays to escape my life

Any of the above sound familiar? In the end I valued my happiness too much to let my life continue this way,  basically hit a fast downhill spiral where my work and eventually my health were compromised. I knew things had to change…


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